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Coordination and communication are the core cement of efficient functioning in any given workplace or private setup. Be it our wireless radio solutions or our GPS systems, we make sure that our esteemed clients are always on the right track.

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Networking is the spinal cord that backs up smooth functioning of an efficient business. Be it accessing resources on the internet to uploading organizee excel sheets to cloud storage to list a few. It could be among just a few devices in a room or hundreds of devices spread across the globe. Your options range from PAN, LAN, WLAN or CAN.


In this technology savy times, wifi is not a luxury but a necessity specially in businesses today need efficient, high speed and secured network. Be it outdoor or indoor access point, we offer a wide range of options that caters to proper management of end to end networks.


You don’t have to be in the constant pursuit of good reception on your device at every nook and corner. Our range of signal boosters amplifies your network reception single handedly whether you’re in your car, your office or at home. You can bid adieu to interruption and dropped calls and increase if not expands your 3G/4G signals 100 times from the ordinary.


Almost all major companies have switched to IP phones for their cost effective economic appproach. IP phones are a one stop solution to unified communication solutions in your business. Unline the conventional POTS, our range of IP or VoIPs are software based, scalable, portable and offer communication in the form of not jusy voice but beyond.


It is impossible to manage a well functioning business without a server. A server aids to efficient communication, file transfer, cloud storage, a good bandwidth and super fast buffer system for your internet. Accompanied with it for our taste of proper organisation, we serve our servers with cost effective server racks.


Smartphones are not a smart option to choose for communication among your employees in your business. With our wireless radio solutions, you can save your time and money. It’s an economic alternative for you don’t need to pour thousands if not lakhs for all your employees. Also their user friendly interface is accessible to all regardless of them being tech savy or not.


Your phones will not help your business as much as our IP solutions will. Our IP solution alternatives will simplify your conferencing calls with zero additional charges and unlimited addition, worldwide access and smarter us of bandwidth. Our IP solutions improves the quality of your calls too by compressing the speech redundancies.


Video conferencing has boomed sky high in these pressing times. It serves the purpose of bridging gaps across business set on a wider diaspora without physical presence. It helps encountering with your clients or employees on a more engaging medium.


Intercom systems allows you to communicate and connect with your employees within seconds at lightning speed. Contrary to phones, intercoms don’t let you waste time while connecting you for the recipient is just a button away. With our smart intercoms, you can even incorporate surveillance and control access of what you mean to share.


Our range of GPS solutions let you monitor not just location but fuel consumption, speed and routes. Companies profit to the core when they optimize their logistics with GPS for it helps them in increasing their levels of productivity with minimum complaints.


Cloud based solutions are ten times more accessible than hardware based solutions. The cloud based solutions offer access to data from anywhere at any given time simultaneously to multiple users. The headaches of security breach and data losss is also at bay.


We understand how hoteliers in business needs a well managed administrative system that’s streamline. Our hotel room management systems is a versatile platter for it serves efficient bookings, enhances your business’s social profile digitally, boost your bookings, manage your revenue effectively manage your administration at your fingertips.

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At Digital Eye surveillance we believe that constant innovation is the key to the future.


Why compromise in doubtful grounds when you can scrutinize what you hold dear with our tech savvy omnipresent eyes?


Climate change is real and we're all in towards doing our bit by going green in whichever way possible to reduce the carbon footprint.


It's a contemporary world, and a bit of style coupled with coming of age technology has never in history spoiled the course of events.

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Puneet Chopra

Got cctv installed at my shop. Seamless and quick service during installation, reasonable prices and professional staff. After sale service was also prompt. Would highly recommend.

Manish Gupta

It was a random call through Justdial for our requirement of CCTV set up for our office in DLF city court. After talking to them in just 7 mins call we figured out the subject matter expertise Siddharth has. He not only gave us the competitive rates but also corrected our choice which was technically incorrect and expensive too. Highly recommended vendor for A to Z products related to security. After talking to them you will realize the difference between a technically sound and professional team of engineers vs the street shop vendors.

Sukrit Prashar

Extremely professional services. Sidhartha helped clarify my doubts and making everything so transparent and clear regarding specifications. The team was there right on time and experts in their jobs. There was no hassle for last minute exigencies and the complete installation was as smooth as it could be. Later on Sidhartha was also available to take me through the software and guided me step-by-step regarding the nitty gritties of the process. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.


Best service provider till now, I have ever seen,you can faith Mr Siddharth owner of the company by closing your eyes because they make you feel the best, definitely go with them. Happy Customer


Excellent professional service. Highly satisfied customer. Most positive attitude. Wishing them all the very best

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